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Balloons require a team of two to four crew members. The team members are rotating depending on their availability.

1) The crew assembles and inflates the balloon under thesupervision of the pilot.

2) After takeoff, the driver and the navigator follow the balloon until landing. They keep in touch with the pilot through a radio.

3) Finally, it takes a team to pack the beast until the next flight.

Crewing includes physical work such as lifting or sometimes running. You may be required to drive the truck so it is better if you have a driver's license.

Crewing is great outdoor activity. It is fun, it's better than working out at the gym, and you get to fly with us for free:

For every 5 times you crew you earn a flight certificate you can use for yourself or give to someone else.

It is also a good first step for those who want to become a pilot.

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